We inspire, educate and foster the practice of traditional Karate to our students and 
our community, while instilling the core values of humility, respect and honour. 

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Welcome to our Traditional Karate Arts Canada, TKAC website. We are very excited about our new association, whereby we strive to keep traditional karate alive and evolving through education and training. In keeping that promise our goal is to pass on what we have learned from our combined collective experience of nearly 90 years of teaching and training. We are all about sharing our knowledge, our ideas and program development to inspire and to raise the standard of traditional martial arts practice. Traditional Karate Arts Canada, TKAC is a Not-For-Profit Association.

Our goal is to produce exceptional karate-ka and instructors. We mentor and engage our members to be the absolute best by preparing and mentoring candidates for black belt Dan advancement. We will strive to lead by example, to evolve and propagate our art to the best of our abilities.

For your Junior curriculum, we will introduce you to our unrivalled, one-of-a -kind “Junior Achievement Program” to help facilitate student retention and reinforcement of their improvement

We also believe in transparent non-political leadership, who are firm believers that no one style is superior to another. We do not interfere in the way you run your dojo or teach your students, provided that our members represent the traditional values of humility, effort and respect. Our members are not just members, but part of the team of the TKAC organization. Your ideas and input are most welcome and are just as important as our roles of leadership. Behind us are a variety of members who are Kyu and Dan examiners, Social Media & Education, Defensive Tactics & Assault Prevention Instructors and Program/Curriculum Co-ordinator and more.  

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you so that you may see first hand what we are all about…

KIM DUNN, Shihan 8th Dan

Shihan Kim Dunn has over 50 years of teaching and training experience in traditional Karate, as well as other forms of martial arts including Taekwondo, Kempo, Kung-Fu and Judo. Shihan Kim has won several gold medals in Canadian national black belt championships, and has represented Canada on several international Karate-Do Championships.
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TOM OKURA, Sensei 5th Dan

Sensei Tom Okura has over 37 years of teaching and training experience in traditional karate. He has also studied other martial arts such as Taekwon-do, Tai Chi, Aikido and Kobudo. Sensei Tom is an accomplished competitor, and has successfully competed in provincial, national and international tournaments.
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Address: 2169 Orchard Road, unit 5 Burlington Ontario L7L 7H9  
Mail: TKAC2016@outlook.com
Phone: 416-846-6415
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